在Enviropure we underst和 that renovations can take a huge toll on your space. That is why our team of experts offer a full range of post renovation 清洁ing services.

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning 和 Restoration Certification
An enviropure home 清洁ing specialist 清洁s up after a home renovation

改造后 & 渥太华的建筑清理工作

Post renovation 和 post construction 清洁-up can be time consuming 和 hazardous. 更重要的是, 剩下的细小尘埃和微粒, 如果做得不准确,清洁可能是一场噩梦. Enviropure’s expertly trained team can guarantee peace of mind when it comes to post-renovation 和 construction 清洁ings.

Enviropure is also experienced 和 trained to 清洁 you home by using the best allergy reduction equipment (including air scrubs) 和 many other top-tier products on the market. Our post-renovation 清洁ing package includes a deep 清洁 of the entire space to guarantee removal of all dust 和 debris. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of professional post renovation 和 construction 清洁up.



We’re committed to providing high-quality home 清洁ing services that are friendly for people, pets & 环境.

Illustration of Enviropure home 清洁ing professionals with floor 清洁ing equipment


云顶app提供 深层清洁 & 室内空气质量 services to improve the quality of the air in your home.



We avoid the use of harsh 和 dangerous chemicals that may cause harm to people 和 环境.



When you choose Enviropure, you are creating a 清洁er, healthier home.



在Enviropure we strive to use all natural products to prevent causing harm to 环境.


你的地毯需要清洁吗?? 寻找装修后的清洁? 或者你只是需要一个彻底的房子大扫除. 云顶app的免费评估今天!

An enviropure home 清洁ing specialist 清洁s up ultrafine particles after renovations

改造后 & Post-Construction清洁

We also offer air scubber rentals for post renovation 清洁ing. Dust from construction can be very hazardous affecting the quality of air in your space. Air scrubbers are the only way to properly ensure that all dust has been removed from your home after construction. The HEPA filter air scrubber will filter out 和 remove any remaining dust in the air 和 improve the quality of air in your home.


  • 深度清理空间
  • 清洗所有电器的内部和后面
  • 墙壁擦洗
  • 清洗窗户
  • 除尘
  • HEPA-filtration吸尘
  • 硬木地板清洁剂和护发素
  • 空气发租赁
  • 地毯家具清洁
  • 瓷砖和灌浆清理

装修后的软家具 & 家具清洁

Soft furniture 和 upholstery can hold dust particles easily, even after renovations are complete. These leftover dust particles can cause allergies 和 irritation to the skin 和 eyes, especially with furniture such as couches where the dust particles will be moved by the motion of people sitting 和 st和ing. Even fine layers of dust can cause soft furniture to look dirty, 和 清洁ing soft furniture effectively can be more difficult than one would expect.

All pillows 和 cushions need to be treated separately to ensure that they are thoroughly 清洁. 在大多数情况下, vacuuming will only remove the outermost layer of dust, leaving behind the dust that has been trapped deeper within the fabric 和 underlying material. The best way to make sure that your soft furniture 和 upholstery is properly 清洁ed after a renovation is to hire a professional post renovation 清洁ing service. Contact Enviropure today to have your newly renovated home 清洁ed they way it should be!

An enviropure home 清洁ing specialist 清洁s a sofa with an extractor
A newly renovated home is 清洁ed by enviropure home 清洁ing


While construction 和 renovation teams provide excellent services 和 usually 清洁 up after themselves, they likely won’t leave your home as 清洁 as you would like. 通常, construction 和 renovation teams will remove large debris 和 dust build up in visible spaces, 但要清理的远不止这些. Post renovation 和 construction teams 清洁 appliances, cracks, fabrics, ventilation ducts 和 more. Anywhere there might be dust will be thoroughly 清洁ed with our post renovation 清洁ing services.

云顶app要清理抽屉里积起来的灰尘, 橱柜, 和 wardrobes to ensure that your belongings are stored in a 清洁 space, 检查通风口和过滤器是否有堵塞. Your hard flooring 和 carpeting will need to be 清洁ed to ensure that dust isn’t being moved throughout your house from people walking. All of this work is essential to ensure that your home is properly 清洁ed, 但你一个人可能很难做到. 在Enviropure, our team is experienced with post construction 和 renovation 清洁ing, 云顶app保证让你的家一尘不染!


经常 问问题

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about post renovation 清洁ing. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Enviropure.

在完美的世界里, home renovation contractors would leave every job site just as pristine as – or better than – when they first walked in. 在现实中, while many contractors are great at performing their core strengths, 清理工作通常不在其中. Drywall renovations, 例如, can leave a fine layer of DUST all over the house. Ottawa homeowners are often left with quite mess to deal with, once the home renovation contractors have finished their work 和 collected their payment. That’s when it pays to hire Ottawa’s post-renovation 清洁ing pros at Enviropure. You’ve come this far, hiring a great crew to perform quality home renovations for you. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, 和 enjoy that new space in the CLEAN comfort you deserve. 云顶app渥太华的装修后清洁服务, we’ll bring your entire home up to great shape – fully 清洁, 一尘不染. 享受您新装修的地下室, 客厅, 厨房, 浴室 or other space in your home – in totally CLEAN comfort, thanks to our Ottawa post-renovation 清洁ing services.

就像你审查过装修公司一样 & 他们改造了你的厨房, 浴室, 地下室或家里的其他地方, you also want to weed out the good 清洁ing companies from the… others. You wouldn’t let just anyone into 你的家, after all. And you want full value for the heard-earned money that you’re paying for your post-renovation 清洁up (on top of that reno). That’s why we encourage people to compare 和 contrast the players in the Ottawa 清洁ing business. Check out their reviews, their word of mouth, 和 find out what people are saying. 在Enviropure, a leader in Ottawa post-renovation 和 home 清洁ing services, 云顶app很自豪获得了极高的评价.5-star Google rating), recommendations, referrals 和 repeat business. You’ll also find our stature with the BBB, including being an accredited business with an A+ rating.

作为云顶app渥太华装修后清洁服务的一部分, we at Enviropure are proud to offer our “Botanical” 清洁ing services that are All Natural. We are committed to the safety of your family 和 our team, as well as the well-being of 环境 on our planet. That’s why we only use natural 清洁ing products 和 processes. 这到底是什么意思? 好吧, 云顶app不会使用任何产品, 例如, that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or toxins. That’s how we bring a safety way of post renovation 清洁ing in Ottawa. 你的家刚刚装修过, 你最不想要的就是你自己, a family member or pet breathing in something you shouldn’t be. With Enviropure’s natural process of Ottawa post-renovation 清洁ing, you 和 your family (和 your pet(s)) will breathe easier since we’re using 清洁ing products 和 methods that are better for everyone.

Working with home renovation contractors usually means some degree of latitude when it comes to scheduling. 事情并不总是按时进行. That’s why we recommend taking with your contractor 和 getting a rough idea of the end date. 去吧,一旦你知道日期就给云顶app打电话, 和 we’ll get you on the schedule for a post-renovation 清洁ing in Ottawa. 当然,云顶app知道这个日期可能会改变. We ask you to touch base with us as the home renovations are progressing. Should you need to postpone your Ottawa post-renovation 清洁up to a later date, 请提前通知云顶app. You’ll want the 清洁up to take place very soon after the renovations are done, 虽然有时这不能完美的计时. The more we stay in touch, the better the timing tends to be.

通过各种方法! We have many clients who have entrusted us with a key to their home; often this is for ongoing home 清洁ing services on a regular schedule, but many clients also give us a key to perform other services such as carpet 清洁ing, 修复霉菌, 进/出打扫, 以及装修后的清理工作. 云顶app投保了全险, WSIB兼容, A+ accredited BBB business with years of experience helping homeowners 和 property managers with Ottawa home 清洁ing services. We h和pick our home 清洁ing crews 和 entrust them with our own homes. Should you with to leave a key with us for your Ottawa post-renovation 清洁ing, let us know in advance so that we can make all the arrangements.